"Our long-term relationship with CRL has spanned multiple decades and multiple deals. Through it all CRL has evolved to meet our needs." - Jeff Dolan, VP, External Affairs, Comcast

"CRL has been, and continues to be, invaluable in helping us understand Denver-specific concerns and guide our efforts to create clear home sharing rules." - Marisa Moret, Airbnb Public Policy Manager

"Without the insight and high quality work of CRL, the National Western Stock Show would not be where we are today." - Paul Andrews, President and CEO, National Western Stock Show

"Our relationship with CRL has spanned so long that officials don’t see CRL as an outside consultant, but an integral part of the District and our teams." - Ray Baker, Denver Metropolitan Football & Major League Baseball Districts

"Thanks to CRL, we are much better able to manage our venue redevelopment process with our stakeholders and the community." - Ginger White Brunetti, Deputy Director, Denver Arts & Venues

General Motors: Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

In June of 2017, Colorado became the 17th State to pass legislation to regulate the testing of driverless vehicles. While the technology is still early in its development, Colorado was already well positioned to be a vibrant testing ground for autonomous vehicles, given the variety of environments and weather conditions across the state.

Those conditions now paired with a strong framework of legislative support, set the State up for industry success.

CRL represented one of the nation’s largest automotive manufacturers, General Motors, through this legislative process – supporting their State lobbying team to garner grassroots and grass-tops support. In particular, the firm built support for the bill amongst mayors, city council members and county commissioners across the region. These influential votes of support allowed legislators to see the opportunity for success for this growing industry, making the vote a much clearer one.