"Our long-term relationship with CRL has spanned multiple decades and multiple deals. Through it all CRL has evolved to meet our needs." - Jeff Dolan, VP, External Affairs, Comcast

"CRL has been, and continues to be, invaluable in helping us understand Denver-specific concerns and guide our efforts to create clear home sharing rules." - Marisa Moret, Airbnb Public Policy Manager

"Without the insight and high quality work of CRL, the National Western Stock Show would not be where we are today." - Paul Andrews, President and CEO, National Western Stock Show

"Our relationship with CRL has spanned so long that officials don’t see CRL as an outside consultant, but an integral part of the District and our teams." - Ray Baker, Denver Metropolitan Football & Major League Baseball Districts

"Thanks to CRL, we are much better able to manage our venue redevelopment process with our stakeholders and the community." - Ginger White Brunetti, Deputy Director, Denver Arts & Venues

CRL Associates has been problem solving, strategizing, and organizing on behalf of our clients since 1981, a public affairs history unmatched in Colorado. We have worked amidst varied economic and political climates in this time, our innumerable successes preparing us to seize the next unique public or corporate affairs challenge and opportunity ahead.

For us, public affairs is navigating complex issues in real estate or public transit; it’s building coalitions to help form unique public-private partnerships; and it’s paving the way to bring game-changing technologies to life. In total, it’s working in any sector that seeks support from the government and the community. We are experts in public decision-making and experts in the world where communities, public servants, and organizations meet. We work with each of these groups to achieve high impact results, moving forward the mission at hand.

Our clients include a broad spectrum of entities, from private corporations to civic organizations, from professional associations to public agencies, and from for-profits to not-for-profits. In each case we align with our clients’ mission, becoming a valuable extension of their team. We frequently work with our clients for long tenures, through multiple administrations and staffing changes, seeking solutions based on both the past and the present. These clients, and others, have called us influential, trustworthy, connected, and reliable – all labels we carry with pride.

We are a collaborative, thoughtful group, undeniably dedicated to the high impact work that we do. Our support for our clients, our teammates, and our community is unbounded, and we simply wouldn’t have it any other way.